Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Say Goodbye To Regular Phone Service?

Some people, particularly seniors like myself, rely on inexpensive landline service as either a single source of communications or as a backup in case of cell phone failure, a not uncommon occurrence. If some in the Ohio legislature, as a favor to big cell phone companies, have their way, that option could been taken away. Call or message Rep. Cliff Rosenberger and/or Sen Bob Peterson. Phone(614) 466-3506; , (614) 466-8156 
Paul Hunter

More than 130 years after the first residential phone line was installed, telecom companies are pressing to be freed from the obligation of providing low-cost fixed-line telephone service to homes, a move critics say will leave Americans with less reliable or more expensive options.
..........The push from the telecom industry is forcing policymakers to re-examine what has long been a basic guarantee of the government — that every American home should have access to a phone, along with other utilities such as water or electricity............

Traditional boring telephone service is regulated as a utility — a guaranteed-to-be-available service for any American who wants it. Hundreds of millions of Americans do, especially in rural areas where America’s cell phone love affair is tempered by dreadful reception, especially in mountainous areas. Oh, and the nearest cable company is ten miles away.

From the Columbus Dispatch

Kasich will veto sweeping agriculture bill if landline requirement isn't kept

If the legislature doesn’t keep a requirement that phone companies must provide landlines, Gov John Kasich will veto House Bill 490, one of his cabinet directors testified today.

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