Monday, April 18, 2016

Regulation? We don't need no stikin regulation

The Libertarian position as posited by its nominal leader, Ron Paul, is that government should not regulate private businesses because they and the market will self regulate.
The most recent and egregious example of the lack of regulation is the practice of most major life insurance companies of withholding payment of death benefits from beneficiaries unless a claim is made.
This billion dollar (mal) practice was exposed by “60 minutes”

Paul Hunter

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Not Your Ancestors Tea Party

In my opinion the misnamed Tea Party* has lost its way and strayed from the path of righteous indignation over the financial debacle caused by the uncontrolled greed of the Wall St. investment banks. The national movement has been co opted by the very right wing enablers of the meltdown. Instead of calling the present administration to task for not jailing the responsible criminals the movement is, de facto, defending those miscreants.
*The basis for the name is taken from the pre-revolutionary war Boston Tea Party where colonists protested against “Taxation without representation”. Whether or not we agree with our representatives, we are democratically represented.
Paul Hunter