Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Cliff, The Party's Cliff or ALEC's Cliff

From the Wilmington News Journal:
After taking his oath, Rosenberger said he ran for “the people of Wilmington and Clinton County and southern Ohio” and promised to make the 91st District and southern Ohio his top priority.”
That would be a huge change in priorities Cliff. Let me count the ways.
1. You voted to reduce a scheduled and significant increase in state funding for Wilmington Schools. The increase was based on the loss of revenue caused by DHL's departure. You promised to add some or all of the planned funding increase in a separate bill. Never happened. Party loyalty?
2. Voted to increase sales tax on consumers while decreasing income taxes significantly on big earners and businesses. Party loyalty
3. Voted to increase property taxes on all home owners and to reduce availability of senior property tax reductions. Party loyalty?
4. Voted to reduce the amount of our state taxes returned to local governments, thus requiring local governments to reduce services and/or ask the voters for new taxes. Party Loyalty?
4. Played a major role in trying to prevent poor Ohioans from accessing health insurance via expanded medicaid coverage, while representing three of the worst heath outcome counties in Ohio. ALEC loyalty.
5. Voted to effectively kill the billions of dollars in alternate energy projects and component manufacturing planned for Ohio in order to protect the coal industry (no mines in his district) and a large electric power company also not in his district. Loyalty to ALEC?
6. Is a dues paying member of the big money front organization ALEC
7. Refuses to correspond with a constituent(s) that disagree with his positions.

The answer to the opening questions would appear to be a. That Cliff's loyalty (ambition) trumps local interests but, hey, he was rewarded with the speakership. b. By being in ALEC's pocket he ensures a steady supply of scripted legislation and financial support during his reign. Why he worry? He runs unopposed.

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