Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Heads In The Sand Of Progress

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Gov. John Kasich on Friday[6/16/14] signed into law -- without comment -- controversial legislation [voted for by Petersen and Rosenberger] that freezes state rules requiring electric utilities to sell more power generated by wind and solar and to help customers use less electricity.
Senate Bill 310, created by the Republican legislative majorities at the behest of the utilities and some of the state's largest industries, keeps the annually increasing mandates at this year's levels.........

In the meantime the world is moving on.

........China should slow its nuclear ambitions to a pace its regulators can keep up with, and build its reactors using the best existing technology—which happens to be Western. That need not condemn it to more sooty, coal-fired years. The cost of renewable energy is dropping quickly and its efficiency is rising sharply. Last year, over half of all new power-generation capacity installed in China was hydro, wind or solar. If China wants to accelerate its move away from coal, ramping up those alternatives yet more would be a lot safer.
Paul Hunter 

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