Monday, September 1, 2014

Wilmington Gas Aggregation

If you declined to join the Wilmington natural gas aggregation supplier, Volunteer Energy earlier this year it's not too late to do so. Take a look at your Vectren bill and find, under “gas supplier detail”, the name of your supplier and the price per 100 cubic feet (Ccf). If the supplier is Volunteer Energy you are under the aggregation plan. If it is some other supplier such a Vectren Source Choice check the price per Ccf and if it is over .55 (cents) call Volunteer at 800 977-8374 for their current price and for details on how to change suppliers.
Based on current market prices Volunteer should be able to provide natural gas at around .50 per Ccf.
An internet check of current potential non aggregation suppliers shows prices from a low of .579 to a high of .729 per Ccf.

Paul Hunter

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