Monday, September 22, 2014

Need A Ride?

Car in the shop and need to get to work?
Grandmother is no longer able to drive and has a doctors appointment.
Handicapped neighbor can't afford to buy and maintain a car but needs to spend money at the grocery store.
Grandfather has seldom missed Sunday services but he can no longer drive to church. S
An out of state, family emergency, arises and you need to get to the Columbus as soon a possible and have no options.
Who do you call for safe affordable transportation to meet these needs and maintain your independence?
Wilmington Public Transit System, better known as “City Cab”, can meet these needs. City Cab is a taxpayer supported affordable transportation system using customer fares, city, state and federal funds to assures that our city and county's growing senior population is not mobility limited. Merchants, families and medical practices all benefit from the service. It makes our community livable and likeable.
Warning: In the State legislature and in the governor's office the push to cut taxes and reduce the amount of tax money returned to local communities is forcing a possible reduction to this service. Fares will have to be raised and/or the city's strapped general fund will have to be raided. State funding is falling at the same time as public transportation needs are rapidly increasing.
Call or write our Representative Cliff Rosenberger, and State Senator.

District 91 77 S. High St
13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone (614) 466-3506
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, Ground Floor

Columbus, OH 43215 
Phone (614) 466-8156

Posted by Paul Hunter

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