Friday, September 5, 2014

Water Cost Warning

City Council passes a huge water rate increase to go into effect immediately. The $5,000 paid consultant's recommended $600 thousand per year revenue increase was ignored by the city fathers and mothers who voted for a $900 thousand hike, based on 2013 data.

Residents stop watering your lawn, get a low flow shower head and toilet and purchase a high efficiency washing machine.
Industrial users should take a hard look at reducing water consumption as much as possible.
Apartment owners that have a single meter for multiple units may consider installing individual meters in order to transfer utility costs to the renter. Raising the rent to cover the increased cost would also be an option.
For the typical resident using 5,000 gallons per month the increase will mean an additional $5 per month base fee and $5 in additional water use rates. This represents a $120 per year total increase.

Based on July 2014 data the newly annexed McMhan's mobile home park on SR 134 that used 140 thousand gallons will see the same $5 basic charge as all other users do, plus an additional $1 per thousand gallons. This will total $1,700 in new annual costs.

Arhesty, the city's largest water consumer will see an increased annual cost of $4,530.

This rate increase will probably bring Wilmington back to near the highest in all of the southwest Ohio.

Paul Hunter.   

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