Saturday, September 13, 2014

Politicized Editorial Policy

The editor of the Wilmington News Journal refuses to publish letters critical of certain politicians including this one.

To Editor, 9/9/14
Our State Representative Cliff Rosenberger and his cronies in the Ohio House are attempting to repeal the Common Core K-12 education standards. Cliff is one of the signatories to an action to bring the issue to a vote.
In my opinion the standards are an attempt to give every child in the nation an equal opportunity for a quality education and to improve the quality of the workforce.
Opponents would say that it's the federal government taking over public education however: “The Core was developed by state governors, not the federal government, according to The list of standards does not dictate materials for instruction or how that instruction comes about, but is left to states, districts and teachers to tailor classes”.
I believe that an unintended consequence of these legislator's actions would be to drag the state education ranking down to the level of the states with the worst education systems in the entire country.
By the way the ten states with the lowest ranked systems have either repealed or working toward repealing the Common core standards.
According to the lowest ranked states range from 10th worst Oklahoma to the worst, Mississippi.

Paul Hunter Wilmington

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