Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcome to Wilmington Ohio        Published 5/2/13
The city is a gateway to prosperity where you won’t be bothered by pesky property maintenance codes. But would you want to live there?
I ask the readers to very carefully drive into the pot hole cratered parking lot of the old Bob & Carl’s parking lot on Rombach Ave., next to CVS, and view the facade of the former grocery store.
The sorry conditions of that parcel have existed for years despite the many complaints citing various building code violations*. The city has several methods of requiring compliance but has chosen to allow the conditions to further deteriorate for unknown reasons. 
Is this a case of selective enforcement? Let your grass go uncut and you will soon be notified by the city that if you don’t remedy the situation the city will mow it for you and charge it to your property tax bill.
Paul Hunter

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