Saturday, May 4, 2013

Casino Tax Distribution        Published 5/4/13

Cities want casino funds.

Is this question being asked by the city and/or being answered by the Clinton County Commissioners?
“City and township officials in Greene County are asking the Greene County Board of Commissioners to consider distributing to them the casino revenue that the county will be receiving to replace their losses from the local government fund.”

Casino tax distribution (distributions will increase as the fourth casino and racinos become fully operational)
Quarterly Distributions to Clinton County
July 2012 County Distribution $36,598
October 2012 County Distribution $73,047
 January 2013 County Distribution $97,084
April 2013 County Distribution  $116,458
Total to date $323,187

Assuming that the April quarterly distribution will be at least the minimum amount, the county can expect at least a half million dollars per year. Based on a population basis Wilmington’s share would be 25% or $125,000. A much needed cash infusion. 

School Districts receive a separate distribution.
January 2013 County Distribution
 Based on Public School Student Population Within County
Semi annual distributions
EAST CLINTON LOCAL SCHOOL $26,443.16* - $31,535**
*January 2013 School District January 2013 County Student Distribution  Based on Public School Student Population Within County
**January 2013 School District Distribution
Paul Hunter

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