Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Local Schools Looking Into Free Solar Energy Projects    Published 5/7/13

Quote from local education center:
“On January 15th the SOESC and the Clinton County Regional Planning Commission held a joint session on the topic of solar renewable energy opportunities for institutions and non-profit entities.  Some of our member districts were represented that evening, when speakers shared information on the topic of solar energy.  Hillsboro City and Blanchester Local Schools are currently pursuing solar energy as a viable resource.

In an effort to further examine the tangible financial and educational benefits for school districts that may choose to participate in such a program, the SOESC would like to share the attached approach to determine whether solar energy is a viable option for your district.

TMI Energy Solutions has worked with both Blanchester and Hillsboro Schools in the past several months and has completed projects for other non-profits throughout Ohio .  The program being offered provides SOESC member school districts with a chance to combine their collective buying power and obtain a competitive rate structure from perspective renewable energy developers.  The discovery process outlined in the attachment provided will allow each district to receive an evaluation of the feasibility for their particular site and a proposal of the benefits should they decide to participate in the group program.

Jeff Borton, Project Developer for TMI, will be contacting each district within the next few weeks to explain more information about the program and answer specific questions you may have.   I would invite everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to reduce utility expenses and gain additional educational resources for students.  If your district is not interested in more information about solar energy, please share your wishes with Jeff and that will be the last call you receive.”
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