Friday, May 10, 2013

Electric Aggregation, A personal Experience
Published 5/10/13
Like many city and county DP&L customers I had made an individual contract with an alternate supplier (Border) a year ago.  This move reduced my per 1,000 kilowatt hour (KWH) generation cost from $92 per month to $70. The contract was for 18 months with a $75 early cancellation charge. The opportunity to opt into the city’s (and now county) aggregation plan with a $53 per month cost for 1,000 KWH became available.
With a year to go on the Border contract I calculated that the it made sense to pay the $75 charge and opt in because in five month the reduced cost would more than pay for the charge.  
Each contract has a different cancel fee so each calculation is different. Note that DP&L Energy contracts have no cancel fee.
For more information concerning opting in contact Sheery Banister at

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