Friday, October 20, 2017

Work To Consume Model Threat

Krogers and around the country:
How will the majority of the 3,541,010 former cashiers and an unknown number of baggers in the United States pay for their groceries?
From the Dayton paper: "Expanding self-checkouts and ‘Scan, Bag, Go’
Kroger will be re-designing the front-end of its stores to maximize the customer experience.
The store will increase the number of self checkouts and will also dramatically expand its Scan, Bag, Go checkout option.
The Scan, Bag, Go checkout allows shoppers to check out using wireless hand-held scanners in aisles as they shop. The checkout option will be expanded to 20 stores this year and then to 400 stores in 2018, according to Kroger."

Paul Hunter

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