Friday, October 20, 2017

Rosenberger considering a run for County Commissioner

From the speaker of the Ohio to a commissioner in a small county?
Maybe Cliff can use the donations from his fundraiser, the 2017 Winter Warmer that took place Feb. 4 at the Bay Club, a luxury golf and country club in Bonita Springs, near Naples. Attending the general reception and dinner costs $1,000. Additional brunch and golf options are available to those who donate $5,000, $10,000 or $12,500 to Rosenberger's campaign fund*.
He could also arrange for a summer cooler in Sligo to raise additional funds
He also might finally reveal who paid for his trip to Turkey as an indirect guest of a Ohio charter school sponsor cum rebel agitator Mr.Gullen**.
It's doubtful that the Speaker will need such fancy digs in Clinton County
The public is in the dark about how much Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger is paying to rent a 2,200-square-foot luxury condo from a well-heeled GOP donor. Ohio ethics law doesn’t require Rosenberger to offer public proof that he is paying a fair market rate.*
*Columbus Dispatch
** Akron Beacon Journal

Paul Hunter

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