Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter Put the Hole in Pothole

Imagine that you are entering a side street near your home and due to oncoming traffic you are unable to avoid hitting a deep pothole in the middle of the intersection. As a result of this mishap several hundred dollars of damage was done to your right front wheel.
If you have a high deductible or liability insurance you will be stuck with a repair bill. Or, will you?

Ohio law states that local governments can be liable for damages caused by poorly maintained roadways under their jurisdiction. Counties, cities and township are responsible for roads and streets dedicated to their responsibility.

The one caveat covering this responsibility is that the roadway fault must have been reported to the appropriate authorities.

In Wilmington the reporting of potholes etc. can be done by calling the Mayor's office or going to the cities citizens help line and complete the pothole report form. You will be doing yourself, your neighbor and especially the city street department a service.

Paul Hunter

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