Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Waste of Time and Money

This is 2014, time to stop making murderous international drug cartels rich.

A typical article in a local newspapers -According to the Washington C. H. Record Herald a WCH woman was arrested Friday night for trafficking marijuana.
Have we learned nothing from the failed prohibition of alcohol in the1920s?
It's a part of the human condition to ingest mind altering substances.
In my opinion it's better to control and regulate drugs such as cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana than to allow criminals to grow rich from their murderous cross border trafficking. Our jails are filled to overflowing with those arrested for minor violations of outdated laws. Cash strapped local government budgets are being busted in the failed effort to stop a never ending human activity.
Ohio doesn't have to reinvent the wheel because a growing number of states have come to their senses and voted to legalize, tax and regulate pot production and sale. A portion of the tax collections can be used to mount an advertizing campaign aimed at young people showing the down side of marijuana use and modeled after the successful anti-tobacco messages.

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