Monday, March 17, 2014

Our State Senator

Bob Peterson's Political Summary 

Wife: Lisa; 3 Children: Sarah, Hannah, Todd
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Chillicothe, OH
Home City:
Sabina, OH

special interest grades:
National Rifle Association (a de facto gun manufacturers lobby) 92%
Ohio Federation of Teachers 0% (see vote to reduce school funding below)

Total Campaign Contributions: $172,404
Top Contributor: Self $27,000
Second Highest: Ginni Ragan (Elder care Aging Medicaid expansion Advocate) $11,000
Lowest sector Labor $600
Prohibits Internet Cafes: Yea
Expands Gambling Yea
Prohibits “Jobs Ohio” (a quasi public entity that spends tax payer's money) from being publicly audited. Yea & Sponsor
Amends definition of a loaded gun: Yea (Definition of unloaded firearm in a vehicle
A firearm in a vehicle now will be considered unloaded if there is no ammunition in the firearm in question, and no magazine or speed loader containing ammunition is inserted into the firearm in question. Before amendment ammo had to be inaccessible )
Repeals limits on credit card interest rates for certain banks. Yea
Prohibits texting while driving nay(?)
Prohibit insurance coverage of abortions Yea
Resolution supporting change to Ohio Constitution banning most if not all provisions of the Afforable Health Care Act Yea
Concealed guns in Barrs and clubs Yea
Suspension of collective bargaining rightsfor public employees Yea (bill repealed by Ohio voters)
Reduce required school funding Yea

Compiled by Paul Hunter

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