Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Save Kid's Teeth

A majority of Wilmington City Council members have decided to survey the
city's voters on this important public health issue.

Last issue on the November 8th Ballot:
Advisory Election
City of Wilmington
“Should the City of Wilmington institute a controlled fluoridation process
as and for the public water supply controlled by and distributed by the City
of Wilmington?”
If the result of the ballot survey is favorable council will vote on an
ordinance to add cavity preventing fluoride to the city water supply.

Some relevant facts to be considered on this matter are:
a. Ask your dentist and your doctor for their professional views. Most, if
not all, approve of added fluoride.
b. Note that the Clinton County Health Department director supports the
c. Ask friends and acquaintances in Sabina if they have experienced any
health problems from their drinking water. Sabina water contains natural
occurring fluoride levels almost twice as high as the proposed Wilmington
treatment plan.
Paul Hunter

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