Saturday, October 1, 2016


Being a county commissioner is more than just administering the dollars and cents of county operations. It's also about caring for the least of us who may have fallen on hard times, grown old or are overwhelmed by ill health. In other words, caring about people and not just numbers.
If you are a senior citizen or a family member responsible for caring for aging parents, you need all the help you can get in the caring department.
Dean Feldmeyer a county commissioner candidate has a caring agenda and the experience to implement policies and funding for the needs of the, often forgotten, folks.
Besides his day job of tending to the needs of the sad, the sick and the dying he has toiled in the public sector.
Dean has been a twelve year member of Community Action , a county wide organization serving the needs of the least and needy of our citizens. He has served as President of Community Action for five of the twelve years, overseeing the operation of the senior center, providing senior housing, meals on wheels and other home services.
If you care about a caring government vote for Dean Feldmeyer for county commissioner.

Paul Hunter 

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