Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cardboard Recycle Plea Recycled

The corrugated cardboard project is at a critical phase and needs increased support ergo these repeat pleas.

Small Business Cardboard Project

City and county small businesses now have the opportunity to recycle clean,flattened corrugated cardboard at the city landfill on Nelson Ave.With that in mind I decided, in coordination with landfill manager Dunham, to test the efficacy of the effort by collecting one week's worth of material from a local store.The manager of the Speedway station on S. South St. agreed to participate in the exercise.In seven days I collected,weighed and delivered 220 pounds of material to the landfill. This amount equates to over 5.7 tons per year. A worthy result, so small guys don't throw those boxes in the dumpster, bring'm on down.

To Those That Care About Their World

And, their grand-children's world! 
Come on down to the Wilmington landfill and drop off your flattened, clean corrugated cardboard. The community, including individuals and businesses in and outside the city needs to act now if we are to: a. extend the life of the current facility.
b. keep the cost of the curbside recycling at 0.
c. Return the material for reuse, thus saving finite resources. According to one internet source “...the effect on the environment of recycling one ton of cardboard saves about nine cubic yards of landfill space, 700 gallons of water and forty six gallons of oil.

If participation doesn't increase the program will not be able to continue and those that care will have no choice but to put their material in the trash and that will use up land fill space.
Small business establishments are pouring tons of this reusable material into our landfill every month and we need to give them the an option to do the right thing by making the program work.
Come on down and please, please spread the word.
It's been a long hard struggle to get this program off the ground and we would be a worse off community if we let it die of apathy and neglect.

Paul Hunter

Only material accepted

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