Saturday, November 29, 2014

Run, Run The Invaders Are Coming

Response to Tim Inwood's op ed piece:
I'm glad to see that Tim has become a strict law and order person, a change of spots, if you will. In the past he has defended his “good friend” Ollie North, a confessed felon operating out side of the law during the Reagan era Iranscam affair. In comparison, undocumented workers living in the U.S. are, at best a civil misdemeanor.
Most loyal and patriotic members of the Democratic party that I know resent Tim's characterization of them as “a group of folks whose vision is not only wrong, but in recent years, has done grave harm to our republic”.
Like most extreme political movements Tim's version is slowly heading for the dust bin of history
Tim is, of course entitled to his opinion but when he uses his office, “chairman of the Clinton County Republican Party. as a soap box he is representing his group.

Paul Hunter

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