Friday, November 21, 2014

Quack, Quack, Limp , Limp

Columbus Dispatch

Ohio House bill to weaken ‘puppy mill’ provisions

Provisions buried in catch-all agriculture legislation being considered by the General Assembly would weaken Ohio’s “puppy mill” law that took effect only 11 months ago, animal-advocacy groups say.
Huffington Post
Republican lawmakers in Ohio on Thursday advanced a bill that would ban abortion as soon as the fetal heartbeat can be detected, as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.
H.B. 248, the so-called "Heartbeat bill," advanced out of the House Health and Aging Committee by a party-line vote of 11 to 6. If it passes the Republican-controlled House and Senate, doctors who perform abortions after the imposed limit would face a fifth-degree felony. Opponents warn the bill would ban abortions before some women even realize they're pregnant.


Ohio House approves execution-drug secrecy bill

The Ohio House approved bills yesterday to keep secret the source of drugs used in executions and reduce state testing time for students.
Responding to complaints about testing overload, Ohio lawmakers moved Thursday to limit the number of hours K-12 students can sit for end-of-year state exams to four hours a year per subject with a total maximum of 16 hours.

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