Wednesday, April 9, 2014

City To Give Up Control of Landfill

Attention: All residents, businesses and development property owners adjacent to, or near, the city's present landfill on Nelson Ave. and Rt. 22 & 3 (W. Main)

The city of Wilmington is seriously considering contracting with an out of state “for profit” management company called Santek to assume operation of the landfill.
As I understand the situation, Santek will lease the property from the city. In order to pay the city and make a profit Santek will have to greatly increase the daily dumping rate from the present 58 tons per day toward the maximum daily rate allowed by the Ohio EPA of 195 tons per day. In order to meet this huge increase in volume Santek will be bringing in trash and garbage from other parts of the state and maybe even from out of state.
For some reason there is a rush to accomplish this transfer when, in fact, we now have a system that works well for the residents and the business community and is self financing.
With the recently approved expansion to an existing cell it will be as much as ten years until a decision has to be made to open up another area of the property or permanently close down the facility so that quality development of the nearby and adjoining properties can occur.
My position is and has been that if the system is working well for the residents of the city don't try to fix it to gain a few temporary dollars.
A public meeting on the pending legislation will be held at or before the next city council meeting on Thursday, April the 17th at 7:30 Inform your neighbors that may not read this letter.
Councilman Joe Spicer represents this area and he can be contacted at 382-8945 or

Paul Hunter Wilmington

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